Yesterday I received a phone call from a deeply accented man whom I believe was from India.

He claimed he was from Windows and that they were receiving multiple errors from my computer and that it was at risk and I needed to follow his directions.

He said that my computer was at great threat to be hacked.  I told him that I didn’t know who he was and I didn’t wish to do anything he was asking me to.

We reversed the phone number and it was a Verizon cell phone out of New Jersey.

I told him that I wanted to talk to his supervisor and he informed me that he was not available.

I told him that I wanted a way to call HIM back and then I’d follow his instructions, all along feeling that this was a serious scam.

He gave me an 888 number and we called it.  Another Indian sounding accent man answered the phone and announced nothing about WIndows or Microsoft. (oh, by the way, I was supposed to ask for Brad Waeson. I asked him how to spell it, directly.)

I was specifically told, before we called the 888 number that “if you ignore this warning call and you get hacked it will be on your head.” I asked him since when does Windows make phone calls threatening me.  He insisted it was not a threat. I repeated back to him what he said and told him that I felt it was a direct threat.

Through all of this information, he thought I was following along on my computer. He started by telling me to turn it on, which it was already on. I started taking notes about what he wanted me to do.  I did nothing on my machine.  He wanted my machines ID number.

After we called the 888 number, I told “Brad” that “I didn’t appreciate his call and he could have a good night” and immediately hung up. I don’t know why I was so nice, other than I still had no idea what was going on.

So I turned to Google.

I found this thread that talked about it being a scam and there were 130 replies about it. Some were scammed and some were smart, like we were and hung up.

The interesting part about this is that this man called me by name and called me on my cell phone number which was not even my number when I purchased and installed Windows on this machine.  I’m doing all I can to scan now.  I had some real blog issues to deal with today and now that that is cleared up and I’ve written about this, I’m off to run the scans and do some behind the scenes clean ups.

Beware.  Don’t be fooled.  NEVER give any information over the phone to anyone calling you.  I only paid attention to this caller because he called me by name.