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Its okay to be vulnerable.

Its okay to show who I really am.

Its okay to be afraid, and get positive about it.

I can become who I want to be.


Dear Friend I really miss! <3

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Blogging has been very difficult for me, lately.

I haven’t really been in a shell. I’ve been lost in my fibromyalgia pain and all my doctor’s who think that I should be able to do so much more than I can. Its really insulting to the person who has to live in this body.

I wrote an update at SimplyCarolinaDreamz and I hope to get back to blogging soon.

I’ve missed you. <3

Heidi is swamped.

Finals are next week, too.  All of the rest of the lessons are being crammed into this week.

My pain specialist says I can sit, again, without surgery.  Now we have to prove his procedure will work, for the insurance company to approve it.. and there I am, flashing back to 2003, with my gastric bypass surgery being denied and having to be creative with my appeal writing skills that knocked them over.. (did I really make that one sentence? ha!)

Oh and although I have gained 50 pounds this year.. (insert vomit smilie) because of “stacked weight gain medications,”

I lost 5 pounds last week.  Doing nothing, of course.  Just like I gained it.

Okay, back to work. Play nice in the sand box!  See yall soon.  *hugz*


Checking back in from Margie’s 4 week Blogging Action Items Blog Admin Week.  It only took 12 days.  But, let’s be fair, here, if I’ve even completed week one, which I haven’t, we’ve made great improvement in five blogs.

Let’s start from the beginning.  The Five Blogs worked on were WoodenSpoonz, Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz, Simply Carolina Dreamz, Peculiar Standardz, and Family Hugz.

1. A Carolina Dreamz Landing Page was Created. It not only highlights all of the personal freelance writing articles, but some of my favorite blogs from Simply Carolina Dreamz have been added too.

2. In this process, Wooden Spoonz received a much-needed face-life, updated name, new header, new design, plenty of beautiful yummy red, and new permalink structure.  This about broke From the Cheap Seatz just as it got brought back online, so we’ve had some time put into fixing those broken links, which are not complete at this time.

3. Simply Carolina Dreamz has better RSS Feeds and a new header. (Better RSS Feeds were added to all blogs as they could be.  There were quite some challenges with this.)

4. Tweetmeme was added to all posts and pages of relevance.

Week two should move a little faster, as we are experiencing great joy with College level Spring Break. 🙂

Blessingz and Believing,


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We interrupt this blog network for Margie’s 40 blog action items in 1 month. We will return to normal broadcasting shortly.

Thanks for your cooperation. We hope that this just makes things much better around here.


Common Compendium Header

At Simply Carolina Dreamz:

My Egyptian Friends are all safe and well. Congratz to Amr..  he’s a Doctor now!

I think I’m now allergic to my new Rx Insurance Company.  All of my Prescriptions are a problem. My refills need prior authorization, if they are not generics.  I’m not paying $150 for one of my two allergy medications.

I’m, rapidly, gaining weight. My doctor says its because I’m on stacked medications that cause me to want to eat.  Great.  He, also called to tell me I’m deficient in Vitamin D.  I’m going to get some tincture of Iodine and test myself for Iodine Deficiency.

Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz is back, but the Links have all been broken, because, our recipe blog, is down.  I’m hoping to resolve this situation, as soon as possible.

At Peculiar Standardz, I shared Bob Smiths Testimony and Conversion Story. Very fascinating story of the Direct Line Smith Conversions to the LDS church.

At FamilyHugz, we are working on a 52 week challenge.  Week 8 is about Technology when I was a child and now.

Next week ends the first 9 weeks of the Semester.  I have a final to take and a lot of homework to do, so I’ll leave you with best wishes and see you next week.

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So much has been going on that updating here has taken a slight backseat. I apologize for this delay in reporting in.  I’ve been traveling for three weeks.  What’s a few more hundred miles, eh? haha

What’s new around The Z Network?  Well, we are calling it now “The Z Network!”

From The Cheap Seatz is back!  I’m so excited to be on WordPress with the header/banner!  Yay.

From My Own Office has a new look and is in the process of moving back, to WordPress, from Drupal.  After my last Drupal camp, a week ago, I just feel that there is too much I don’t know to keep my business blog floating around waiting for me to learn more.  I will continue to study Drupal.  I just need my main business site to be more active.  I don’t mind specializing in WordPress right now.

I’ll go back to Drupal when 7 has all the modules I need and I’m not confused between version 6 and 7..

I have some photos of Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, to get out of the camera.  I’ll work on that after I finish this week’s school assignments.

Things you may have missed:

#HomeChat on Twitter 9pm EST on Tuesdays

Pet Insurance – a Personal Experience

Jacksonville Walk is April 2nd

Team Forever and One More Day, consisting of 6 walkers, right now, is ready to walk in Jacksonville, Florida, in April.  I think its 1.1 miles, starting near Tinseltown. If you are interested in walking with us, please let me know, so I can order you a t-shirt. (The LowCountry walk is two weeks before this, March 26th, at Riverfront Park.)

I’m home.

Its been a rough three weeks.

My mom is home and doing well.

My cat’s biopsy came up positive for cancer.  He’s living on drugs. Must put him down.

Will blog soon when I can think again.


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Not much is going on while I’m out of town, visiting my mother, who is in the hospital.  I did run two series, that I had a lot of fun putting together. You may wish to check them out..

How I sort my computer desktop folders, according to the Six Elements of Simple Abundance:

Simple Abundance: Gratitude

Simple Abundance: Simplicity

Simple Abundance: Order

Simple Abundance: Harmony

Simple Abundance: Beauty

Simple Abundance: Joy

I wanted to run a “12 days of” and since my blogs are basically started over, I thought I’d bring some of my favorite posts forward and curate some others to give you:

The 12 Days of Pumpkin (still running)

While I’m staying at my mothers house, because its closest to the hospital, I’m typing up some family history she has, that I didn’t have.  The family history blog, FamilyHugz, may explode in the next couple of weeks, as time permits.  Combining her history with my history is the start to our beautiful bound published family book.