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At Simply Carolina Dreamz:

My Egyptian Friends are all safe and well. Congratz to Amr..  he’s a Doctor now!

I think I’m now allergic to my new Rx Insurance Company.  All of my Prescriptions are a problem. My refills need prior authorization, if they are not generics.  I’m not paying $150 for one of my two allergy medications.

I’m, rapidly, gaining weight. My doctor says its because I’m on stacked medications that cause me to want to eat.  Great.  He, also called to tell me I’m deficient in Vitamin D.  I’m going to get some tincture of Iodine and test myself for Iodine Deficiency.

Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz is back, but the Links have all been broken, because, our recipe blog, is down.  I’m hoping to resolve this situation, as soon as possible.

At Peculiar Standardz, I shared Bob Smiths Testimony and Conversion Story. Very fascinating story of the Direct Line Smith Conversions to the LDS church.

At FamilyHugz, we are working on a 52 week challenge.  Week 8 is about Technology when I was a child and now.

Next week ends the first 9 weeks of the Semester.  I have a final to take and a lot of homework to do, so I’ll leave you with best wishes and see you next week.

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What's New??

So much has been going on that I’m not sure where to start.. bear with my repeats..

I was blessed to go to Drupal Camp in Asheville, TypeAMom in Asheville, and ConvergeSouth in Greensboro, North Carolina.  On these trips I ran into a Garden Ridge, where I shopped Christmas Ornaments, Jack in the Box where I ate too many horribly wonderful tacos, and an IKEA!

I had a root canal, under a crowned molar between the first two.  The benefit of said root canal was that the medication allowed me to sit in more sessions.. back pain relief as a side effect.

I had an IV Iron infusion, last Monday.  I’m hoping to be up and about in a week or two.

I started a “30 Days of Truth” series at Simply Carolina Dreamz. I quit my English class.  And I’m still excited that I met Ernie.

Its Family History month, so I’ve been looking for a genealogy primer type blog series, for FamilyHugz. I do have some Skeel work on the horizon. 🙂

In future reviews:

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Life has been crazy.  I don’t have any posts to recap here.. so I thought I’d take a moment to just update you on some jumbled things going on in my life.

I spent the last three weekends (some extended) at Drupal Camp Asheville, Type-A-Mom Conference in Asheville, and Converge South in Greensboro.

In between Drupal Camp and TypeaMom, I had a root canal, under a crowned molar.  Fun.  Not.

I have three weeks to catch up with.  8 million blog posts cooking in my head.

I’m, also, a full-time student.. so it may take me some time to catch up.  But, when I do, you will be the first to know.

This afternoon, I’m off to the hematologist for the results and plans for my next iron infusion. I, honestly hope its time because that would mean my “tired” has a reason.  This is not a bad thing.  Before my WLS, I didn’t get out of bed, often.  This is a small sacrifice for having so much more of my life back.

I met some amazing people at these conferences that I attended.  I even recognized someone from my virtual past.. very wonderful things can happen and as soon as they are blogged about.. the posts will be mentioned over here.

Take care and have a great week.