Crafting can be so expensive and well, most of my already owned crafts are OLD and don’t do justice to some of the beautiful crafting eye candy I’ve been watching on YouTube.

I always have this fear, when I post a video “showcase” or a series that the owner will take it down. ooh, I wish I could Evernote a video!!

So I don’t lose these recipes, I’m going to list them, as there is no copyright on a list of ingredients.

Home Made Texture Paste
(Stucco is 50/50 sand/acrylic pain. You can buy little like one cup bags of sand at craft stores (and Walmart near vases and vase stones) with the shells and seashore type stuff. That would also be a nice new medium to play with.)

1/2 c Gesso
1/4 c Mod Podge
1+ c baking soda or talc/talcum powder

(I realized the baking soda is going to be a little grittier than baby powder but I can’t handle the scent, nor is it good for asthmatics to breathe baby powder. Until I can find an unscented, I’m staying away. I am curious, however if arrowroot powder. that I use to replace cornstarch, which is a talcum replacement, would work. I wonder if it would come out gummy. I’ll have to either try it, which will be a big waste.)

1/2 c Plaster of Paris
1/2 c Hot Water

1/2 c white glue
1 1/2 c white paint

Chalk Paint
5T Plaster of Paris
2.5 T Hot Water
2 c your choice color paint

Now for some eye candy using some of the above and some nifty crafting mediums I want to add to my craft bins: Drywall Tape, Crepe Party Streamer Paper, Seam Binding, and Twill Ribbon!

Thanks to the outstanding crafty ladies out there that make even their struggles look so much easier than some of us could hope to imitate.

::kiss kiss:: ~Heidi

I love to sell and buy online.

I love to give great feedback as I receive it not as its given.

The worse thing you can say to me as a buyer from a seller is that they will give me feedback after it is received.

That’s not giving me feedback for what I’ve done.  I’ve ordered your product. I’ve paid promptly, and I’ve done my part. THAT is what I get feedback for.

NOT for the feedback I give you.  YOU get it for what you do and I get it for what I do and simply that’s it.  If you want to wait to give me feedback based on what I give you is not giving me credit for what I’ve done and I won’t be doing business with you again.

If you wish to wait for my feedback before you give feedback, I don’t need your feedback!

Checking back in from Margie’s 4 week Blogging Action Items Blog Admin Week.  It only took 12 days.  But, let’s be fair, here, if I’ve even completed week one, which I haven’t, we’ve made great improvement in five blogs.

Let’s start from the beginning.  The Five Blogs worked on were WoodenSpoonz, Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz, Simply Carolina Dreamz, Peculiar Standardz, and Family Hugz.

1. A Carolina Dreamz Landing Page was Created. It not only highlights all of the personal freelance writing articles, but some of my favorite blogs from Simply Carolina Dreamz have been added too.

2. In this process, Wooden Spoonz received a much-needed face-life, updated name, new header, new design, plenty of beautiful yummy red, and new permalink structure.  This about broke From the Cheap Seatz just as it got brought back online, so we’ve had some time put into fixing those broken links, which are not complete at this time.

3. Simply Carolina Dreamz has better RSS Feeds and a new header. (Better RSS Feeds were added to all blogs as they could be.  There were quite some challenges with this.)

4. Tweetmeme was added to all posts and pages of relevance.

Week two should move a little faster, as we are experiencing great joy with College level Spring Break. 🙂

Blessingz and Believing,


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What's New??

So much has been going on that I’m not sure where to start.. bear with my repeats..

I was blessed to go to Drupal Camp in Asheville, TypeAMom in Asheville, and ConvergeSouth in Greensboro, North Carolina.  On these trips I ran into a Garden Ridge, where I shopped Christmas Ornaments, Jack in the Box where I ate too many horribly wonderful tacos, and an IKEA!

I had a root canal, under a crowned molar between the first two.  The benefit of said root canal was that the medication allowed me to sit in more sessions.. back pain relief as a side effect.

I had an IV Iron infusion, last Monday.  I’m hoping to be up and about in a week or two.

I started a “30 Days of Truth” series at Simply Carolina Dreamz. I quit my English class.  And I’m still excited that I met Ernie.

Its Family History month, so I’ve been looking for a genealogy primer type blog series, for FamilyHugz. I do have some Skeel work on the horizon. 🙂

In future reviews:

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