I believe in decorative storage. I love the suitcases the most as they all fit together and square or rectangle fit the best on a shelf. The problem is none of them match. Now I know what to do to them. I can’t put anything on my suitcases that isn’t flat because they need to lie on each other. I won’t get as elaborate as the pillow top inside the top of this in the video. (although I love it)

I have two sets, of three, in pink and tropical blue that matches nothing in the room. So I’m excited to use some of my vintage books and get it done, or at least started. I need to get some decoupage.

Here it is for you:

I love to sell and buy online.

I love to give great feedback as I receive it not as its given.

The worse thing you can say to me as a buyer from a seller is that they will give me feedback after it is received.

That’s not giving me feedback for what I’ve done.  I’ve ordered your product. I’ve paid promptly, and I’ve done my part. THAT is what I get feedback for.

NOT for the feedback I give you.  YOU get it for what you do and I get it for what I do and simply that’s it.  If you want to wait to give me feedback based on what I give you is not giving me credit for what I’ve done and I won’t be doing business with you again.

If you wish to wait for my feedback before you give feedback, I don’t need your feedback!

Yess’m, Jesus, life, cosmic intelligence, Milky Way Magi, take the wheel.

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