Checking back in from Margie’s 4 week Blogging Action Items Blog Admin Week.  It only took 12 days.  But, let’s be fair, here, if I’ve even completed week one, which I haven’t, we’ve made great improvement in five blogs.

Let’s start from the beginning.  The Five Blogs worked on were WoodenSpoonz, Field of Dreamz From the Cheap Seatz, Simply Carolina Dreamz, Peculiar Standardz, and Family Hugz.

1. A Carolina Dreamz Landing Page was Created. It not only highlights all of the personal freelance writing articles, but some of my favorite blogs from Simply Carolina Dreamz have been added too.

2. In this process, Wooden Spoonz received a much-needed face-life, updated name, new header, new design, plenty of beautiful yummy red, and new permalink structure.  This about broke From the Cheap Seatz just as it got brought back online, so we’ve had some time put into fixing those broken links, which are not complete at this time.

3. Simply Carolina Dreamz has better RSS Feeds and a new header. (Better RSS Feeds were added to all blogs as they could be.  There were quite some challenges with this.)

4. Tweetmeme was added to all posts and pages of relevance.

Week two should move a little faster, as we are experiencing great joy with College level Spring Break. 🙂

Blessingz and Believing,


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