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So much has been going on that updating here has taken a slight backseat. I apologize for this delay in reporting in.  I’ve been traveling for three weeks.  What’s a few more hundred miles, eh? haha

What’s new around The Z Network?  Well, we are calling it now “The Z Network!”

From The Cheap Seatz is back!  I’m so excited to be on WordPress with the header/banner!  Yay.

From My Own Office has a new look and is in the process of moving back, to WordPress, from Drupal.  After my last Drupal camp, a week ago, I just feel that there is too much I don’t know to keep my business blog floating around waiting for me to learn more.  I will continue to study Drupal.  I just need my main business site to be more active.  I don’t mind specializing in WordPress right now.

I’ll go back to Drupal when 7 has all the modules I need and I’m not confused between version 6 and 7..

I have some photos of Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, to get out of the camera.  I’ll work on that after I finish this week’s school assignments.

Things you may have missed:

#HomeChat on Twitter 9pm EST on Tuesdays

Pet Insurance – a Personal Experience

Jacksonville Walk is April 2nd

Team Forever and One More Day, consisting of 6 walkers, right now, is ready to walk in Jacksonville, Florida, in April.  I think its 1.1 miles, starting near Tinseltown. If you are interested in walking with us, please let me know, so I can order you a t-shirt. (The LowCountry walk is two weeks before this, March 26th, at Riverfront Park.)

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