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Since recovering from the hack, and moving to a new hosting provider, I have finally caught up, so we can have some round-ups, over here on WithaZ, so you can see what’s going on in the Z blog world.  These round-ups are going to include all my little things, around blog-land, not necessarily just those things with a Z.

What has Heidi been blogging about?

September 5, 2010

I learned Drupal Taxonomy Today

I learned how to set up Vocabularies and Terms (Categories/Tags) and organize life a little better over at From My Own Office.

Upcoming Conferences I’ll be Attending

Drupal Camp Asheville

September 18, 2010

Type-A-Mom Conference

September 24-26, 2010

Converge  South

October 1-2, 2010

BarCamp Charleston

November 13, 2010

Twitter – What is it and Why?

Online Course Disconnections

I miss Brick N Mortar classrooms.  I feel this disconnection, in my online courses, that I can’t describe. Its like not remembering the professors names, or knowing who’s talking, when I’m reading hundreds of discussions on message boards.

Last week’s essays were very religious.  This week’s are full of non-English names and places I can’t pronounce.

Do you Paperback Swap?

New arrivals, this week:

  • The Modern Woman’s Guide to Life
  • The Quotable Book Lover
  • MLA Handbook for Writer’s of Research Papers
  • Writing Down the Bones
  • Perfect Phrases for Resumes
  • Looking for God in Harry Potter
  • Office Proffessionals Desk Reference
  • Unfinished Business

September 10, 2010

Why I Wist..– A Peek Inside Me

When I first found out about, I started adding fun things, to it, to give others an impression of what I like.. it was like a way to introduce me to others.. silently. I didn’t do it for gifts. I didn’t do it for the shopping aspect. I did it to share what I like, what I notice, what I see..

I didn’t really look at it as a shopping social network…

Swipe Files Feed Your Creative Side

One of the major benefits, to micro-blogging, is the ability to learn. On some mornings, however, I can get so involved, that I can easily be toggling between 30 different tabs. I never really know what direction I’ll be spinning in.. or what topic may come my way.

It is my morning class, to log onto FriendFeed. Thanks, Feeder’s. I crave what you share.

September 12, 2010

Financial Aid Fail

I managed back to TTC, to take a number, in the Financial Aid office, again.

The poor lady, behind the computer, seemed as baffled as I was, and much more polite than the lady letting me take a number, like I’m illiterate to read my file online.

After consulting with another person.. come to find out, with all the FAFSA proving (30% of FAFSA’s are audited and mine was) someone failed to have me fill out an application for my loan!

Click over to read the rest of the stories..  See you next week

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